Jovita - Best Mining Practices


As a responsible mining company, Amarium Minerals has developed detailed environmental management policies based on industry best practices. These policies govern our operations and to what limited extent our mining activities will affect the environment. The following are some of the main areas covered, with examples of the action being taken by Amarium Minerals.

Land use

Amarium believes that change of land use during mining is an important environmental matter, due to its potentiality of changing the character of an area indefinitely. As a conscientious mining company, Amarium's aspiration is to reduce the impact of land use change, and where possible to restore land to its original state after mining has concluded. Land reclamation is the foundation of our environmental policies, and planning for it began even before the Jovita site become part of our operations.

Water protection and management

Amarium knows that water is a vital component in many mining activities and a crucial consideration in the scope of mitigating environmental impact. As a careful miner Amarium has detailed plans for conserving local water supplies, managing the water use, and ensuring that the regional water supplies are not contaminated. Amarium has detailed water-management programs, that by design will cover water conservation, water quality and toxin levels. These controls implemented by Amarium, will also help our operations to mark reductions in our use of water and not take away a precious resource from the local population.


Amarium knows that our operations will take place in rural or wilderness areas that contain a diverse range of animal and plant life. Our principal goal for responsible mining operations is to ensure that we do not impact negatively on the biodiversity of any of the areas within our scope of activity. Amarium also actively looks to preserve or restore biodiversity by being proactive and instigating biodiversity management plans by hiring a consulting biologist.

Hazardous materials, waste and chemicals

Amarium Minerals draws up thorough plans for the superintendence of hazardous materials, chemicals and waste by first listing all these in detailed specific lists. Our plans include strict protocols and methodologies to manage their use and mitigate their effects. Amarium has exacting safety procedures and controls cover the storage, transportation, handling and use of explosive materials.

Amarium realizes and plans ahead knowing that environmental management of waste will also influence the reclamation of areas affected by mining tailings. Our recovery work will at the very least include the landscaping and/or finishing of a facility to ensure it remains safe, predictable and self-perpetuating.

Energy, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions

Amarium understands that the intensive use of hydrocarbons, and their resulting carbon emissions, is as much a problem in the mining industry as in any other heavy industry. As a responsible mining company, we look to reduce our energy use and to prevent the harmful emissions that may contribute to climate change. Also energy efficiency is important not only for the environment but also for the cost efficiency and profitability for our operations that can result in large savings that impact the bottom line and provide additional value for our shareholders.

Mine closures

When any of Amarium's operations reach the end of their productive life, we guarantee that it will be properly shut down and left in a safe condition. The steps that we take to achieve that include the removal of surface buildings, recycling of materials and landscaping of surrounding areas and the old mine site. Our endeavors may include shoring up steep slopes, improving water and air quality and restoring local vegetation.

Reporting, auditing and monitoring

For Amarium to be trustworthy, we must provide tangible evidence of our compliance to environmental standards. We accomplish this by an oversight and auditing processes that are standardized and clear, through regular reporting of activities.


Environmental training

All of Amarium's mining site staff needs to be aware the importance of good environmental practices and to acknowledge their own role in ensuring adherence to regulations. As a responsible mining company, Amarium is on an ongoing basis developing in depth training schemes to give our personnel the knowledge and skills they require to achieve these environmental best practices as they go about their daily tasks.